Change Management & Project Management

Change Management & Project Management – 2 sides of the one coin!!

As we know, change is the one constant that we all have to accept and 2017/2018 from a business perspective already appears to be a time of great change from Brexit to dramatic political climates worldwide, that may determine what IT projects will be prioritized internally within organisations.

Change Management and Change Leadership are 2 phrases that are being used more regularly as companies recognise the need to help employees accept change as part of their career path in their current role and into the future.

Senior management are now embracing the importance of ‘change’ as a business process and the supports it requires internally.  As Tim Creasey outlines in his blog ‘4 change management trends for 2018’

“Project managers are recognizing the critical role change management plays in project success and the two disciplines are working in tandem.”

When I met for a cup of coffee with project managers who are looking for their next career move, I am constantly impressed by their openness to change for themselves and to moving to organisations where major change programs are commencing and they look forward to contributing in the following ways

  1. They recognise their role as the ambassador for the change within the project
  2. Their communication skills are exceptional, they engage with resisters of change, with key vendors who are implementing the change and the significant stakeholders.
  3. All great project managers ‘manage expectations’ and with ‘change’ they recognise when to be patient, they have high EQ. They know ‘change’ can be very difficult and one approach does not fit all members of the project team.
  4. They celebrate ‘mini successes’ each part of change is to be applauded.
  5. They keep the ‘end in mind’ all projects even ‘change projects’ must have an end date.

Imelda O’Hanlon is a Senior Recruiter with Clarion Resourcing specialising in IT Resourcing.  Imelda has a combined working history in the IT Services & IT Resourcing Industry of over 25 years.


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