IT Professionals Expected to Work Longer Hours for No Extra Pay

Survey of IT employment market finds: 61 per cent of IT professionals are expected to work longer hours for no extra pay Career progression has marginally overtaken salary expectation as the single biggest motivation for job change 53 per cent have taken a pay cut in the last year Just 12 per cent understand the […]

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Demand for IT Contractor Skills Remains Buoyant

Market Outlook – June 2011 Demand for IT contract skills remains buoyant with employers preferring the flexibility to engage contract resources, allowing them to react to changes in trading conditions. In certain cases headcount cuts of the past couple of years are impacting on the ability of ICT functions to serve business needs. In addition, […]

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Clarion Consulting Appoints Turlach McAlister to Lead Recruitment Service Spinout

~ McAlister appointed as recruitment services manager with Clarion Resourcing~ Dublin, Ireland, Tuesday, 7th December 2010: Leading project management and IT consulting specialist, Clarion Consulting today announced the appointment of Turlach McAlister as resourcing services manager with company spinout, Clarion Resourcing.  McAlister will manage all facets of the company’s resourcing business, which helps organisations to […]

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