Demand for IT Contractor Skills Remains Buoyant

According to Clarion Resourcing, demand for IT contractor skills remains buoyant with employers preferring the flexibility to engage contract resources.Market Outlook – June 2011

Demand for IT contract skills remains buoyant with employers preferring the flexibility to engage contract resources, allowing them to react to changes in trading conditions. In certain cases headcount cuts of the past couple of years are impacting on the ability of ICT functions to serve business needs. In addition, IT Departments are now operating in an environment where there is ongoing demand for their services but where there is an embargo on replacement, leading to increased recourse to contractors to plug short term gaps.

Organisations focused on internationally traded goods are preforming well and demand from this sector of the market is constant. We have also seen a significant upturn in demand for Business Analysts which is an excellent leading indicator. Heavier activity in the Business Analyst space typically manifests itself in business cases being made and as a result, projects getting the green light thus driving an increase in overall demand.

Permanent demand is steady but not with the same level of activity as the contract market.  At Clarion Resourcing,  we are seeing an increased focus on value for money as employers realise they are in the stage of the economic cycle where they can cherry-pick to a degree. Competition for permanent roles remains extremely strong and most roles we have are heavily oversubscribed in terms of applicants.  There is no doubt but shortlisting for permanent roles is taking longer and we would see an elongation of the recruitment cycle for permanent hires in the majority of cases.

We’d be at pains to highlight there are excellent positions available out there.  However, if you are thinking of moving, the advice would be to allow a longer lead time for your job search to identify a suitable position. Decisions are taking longer and employers are less concerned at the prospect of losing an individual candidate because of the greater availability of skilled candidates either currently on the market or actively looking for permanent roles where they fear further headcount reductions in the short term.

Skillsets in Demand

The busiest sectors over the period have been banking and finance, logistics and software. The candidates most in demand over the period would be Project and Programme Managers, Business Analysts, Java Software Engineers and Architects, Business Intelligence Developers, Oracle Developers and Database Administrators (SQL and Oracle).  There is a large amount of activity in the Project Management space.  For example, in Banking and Finance a lot of the activity is related to compliance and verification projects and projects relating to the transfer of assets and undertakings. We have also seen the emergence of greater demand in the cloud space, where experienced resources would be at a premium.

June 2011

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