Why does it make good career sense to take a recruiters call when you are not actively looking?

The best time to evaluate a career opportunity is when you are not looking, when you are reasonably content in your current position.  When evaluating a new opportunity in this situation, you always have the fall back position of the status quo, staying in your current role. You are in the powerful position of being able to assess an opportunity, on its merits, to see if it is genuinely a better opportunity, than you currently hold, without the pressure of having to find new employment.   

Why take the call…

  • The recruiter might just have that ideal opportunity.
  • The recruiter can be a useful soundboard for your career. They can help you evaluate if your current salary and benefits are in line with market rates.
  • You may not now be looking for a new position; however, when you are, it helps to have already built a relationship with a recruiter.
  • The recruiter is aware of changes in industries. They know who’s hiring. They know what certifications, skills, experience and qualifications are in demand and what are increasingly sought after by employers.
  • The recruiter often knows about positions before anybody else does. As a candidate you want to be the first person that the recruiter thinks of for a position, and this will only occur if you take the recruiters initial call.

When you are approached by a recruiter it gives you the opportunity to assess and evaluate the position. As opposed to when you apply for a role, as a candidate you are the one who is being assessed and evaluated.  By taking the call, you hold the power to make the best choices for your career. An analogy can be drawn between a hungry shopper who may buy unhealthy food that is not in their best interest, and a desperate job seeker who will apply for positions that are not in their best long term interest. By being proactive and taking the recruiters call, you take control so take the call.

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