When a Project Talent Crisis Emerges – help is available

If you are not aware, there is a mounting talent crisis within the project management arena.  A recent report by Manpower Group’s Talent Shortage Survey (2015), identified that 4 in 10 organisations are reporting talent shortages.    If you haven’t experienced the problem, you are one of the lucky few.  For everyone else; sourcing quality project management professionals with the necessary skills in leadership, strategic and business management and technical project management is becoming an increasingly difficult and time consuming activity.

The problem is difficult enough where an organisation is planning a hire and has given themselves the time and patience to find the ‘right’ individual; however, it is a significantly greater challenge where the need to engage expert/qualified project talent is driven by an unplanned event or business need.  Two scenarios that are emerging in the ‘unplanned’ category are; (1) an experienced project manager leaves (for one of many reasons not always within their control) during a project and (2) a lack of project management resource means that an organisation cannot capitalise on a short-term opportunity.

In both cases the restricted talent market means that the organisation is at a significant disadvantage when it tries to engage new project talent, quickly.  The organisation may be able to address the resource issue by reconfiguring other project management talent in the organisation, maybe moving a project manager off one project onto the project in jeopardy.  However, a resource gap will still exist somewhere, and unless project work is going to be stopped/delayed, the gap will need to be filled.

The options available to the organisation are limited and consist of; engaging a large consulting organisation to leverage their project management talent pool; however, this approach is very expensive and there is no guarantee that they have the right talent available.   Another option is to engage a mass market recruitment agency; while they may have the market reach they often don’t have sufficient depth of understanding regarding project management nor the network of project professionals.  A better option is to engage with a specialist recruitment agency, one with a history of sourcing and placing project professionals and a curated pool of project management talent.   This option blends quality candidates and quick response times. Significantly increasing the value of time invested by the organisation in sourcing the necessary talent.

The value of and increasing need for specialist project management recruitment agencies is evidenced by the increasing inclusion of smaller, niche, agencies like Clarion Resourcing, as members on large preferred supplier lists, contingent staffing programmes and frameworks.    Combining recruitment expertise, a ready pool of talent and deep subject matter knowledge for what are increasingly seen as critical roles in most organisations i.e.. project professionals.

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Information on Clarion’s project management talent services is available at projects@clarionresourcing.com.


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