What IT Professionals tell us about their job search experience!

What IT professionals tell us about their job search experience!

We are in that familiar climate again where the job market is candidate driven, particularly in the IT sector! Thus it is critical for your employer brand that all job seekers applying for a role with you, find the process straightforward and definitely not stressful!

So when we meet experienced professional IT personnel, for a cup of coffee, who are actively looking for their next role, they give us the following feedback!

The company’s job specification document is too generic, short on specific details.

As part of our resourcing service, we will sit down with you (the client) to discuss the role in more detail and look at ways of attracting top talent to your roles. Outline what it means to be a top performer in your organisation, the career path, reward system etc.

• The interview process was very slow and too many steps involved
Once the candidate decides they want to move for career advancement, geographical reasons, better compensation package or whatever other reason, they really want the process to move quickly. In most cases they have been thinking about their next career move for some time, they have more confidence in the organisations that conduct the interview process in an efficient manner and provide prompt feedback on their performance.

• The role kept evolving at each step of the interview process
This is a serious red flag and leaves a lot of doubt in candidates mind about investing in the organisation. Clear communication is vital with the candidate at all stages of the interviewing process

• Company X are known for …. High rate of staff turnover for example
All serious job movers do their homework, they make contact through their contacts to current employees and ex-employees and they conduct their research on the company’s brand. They want to be sure they are making the right move, culturally, that they are a fit and that it is a win-win for both you the employer and them.

Imelda O Hanlon is a Senior Recruitment Specialist with Clarion Resourcing with a combined working history in the IT and Resourcing Service Industries for over 25 years.  



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