What if ….

What If .…… You could add an experienced IT Project Manager with PMP/Prince 2 accreditation to your team today for the next critical phase of one of your IT projects?
What If .….. You could hire an Interim IT Director for a 6-12 month contract to help in deciding on your IT strategy to align with the company’s growth?
What If .….. While you are waiting on budget approval for a permanent Data Analyst/Business Analyst to join your team, you could hire in a contractor immediately to assist?
In the busy world of IT within any organisation, there are many times when an extra pair of hands would be gratefully appreciated, in particular, when that individual is an ‘expert in their field’. Sometimes, this expertise is only required for a specific IT project and an experienced contractor can join the team and add value and expertise from day one.
Alternatively, there are occasions when a CTO or IT Director leaves and the successor has yet to be appointed, that an Interim IT Director, who can join the team within weeks to act in the role for a fixed period, can keep all IT projects running smoothly.
Another good example of why to employ an IT contractor is, when an organisation want to see if a new function/role is required to be added to the IT team, for example additional expertise in ‘big data.’ By starting with a contract role, the organisation can make a decision after a specific period if that role is required long term in house.
At Clarion Resourcing we work with experienced IT Professionals looking for both contract and permanent positions nationwide.
Imelda O’ Hanlon is a Senior Recruitment Specialist with Clarion Resourcing, with a combined working history in the IT and Resourcing Service Industries for over 25 years.

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