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Clarion Resourcing canvassed a sample of 1,000 randomly-selected IT professionals from Clarion Resourcing’s permanent and contract database during the month on November, split equally between contract and permanent candidates.  Our research uncovered the latest IT recruitment trends.

Agency Partner

One of the key relationships you need to develop in terms of career progression is one with an agency that you can trust to deliver on your behalf. Clarion Resourcing’s philosophy is to view the jobseekers’ world through their eyes. We aim to treat you, our candidates, in the same way we would expect to be treated were the tables turned and we were the job seeker on the market.  We’re very aware that there is negative sentiment towards some agencies out there in the market and we are working to counteract that and make your engagement with Clarion the most positive experience it can be. We are striving to offer you a higher level of service and we are aiming to build long term relationships, which will last and support you as your career develops. We want to become the partner of choice for candidates who express a clear preference to use an agency as a trusted partner in their job search –  one who is prepared to work with them and for them at each step in the process.

In that regard, we were surprised to find that 40 per cent or two in five respondents had their salary expectations misrepresented by an agency when they were submitted for a role. We also found that over a third of candidates had direct personal experience of their profile being submitted to a company without their express approval.  Only 21 per cent of you felt that agencies had a good or very good understanding of your skill set and attributes and only 18 per cent of you felt that agencies supplied roles that suggested they really understood your career aspirations.  A disappointing 51 per cent of you told us that you felt agency coaching and assistance with interview preparation was either poor or very poor. This is a very surprising response as it is in the agency’s interest to help you prepare to the best of your ability for any given interview

Another disappointing result was your rating of agency communications during the interview process itself. Nearly a quarter of you cited agency communications as either poor or very poor and a further 41 per cent only rated it as satisfactory.  We would be firmly of the view that communication with and keeping a candidate appraised of developments during the selection process is a fundamental part of the agency’s role. The percentage of respondents giving a good or very good rating for overall communications was very low. Dissatisfaction with communication and interview preparation fed into another poor overall response as 76 per cent of you rated agencies as satisfactory or below in terms of overall integrity and professionalism. We would recognise that this is a very poor survey result for a sector where the service provider is helping the recipient identify new employment. In terms of how we judge ourselves, we intend to track changes in these metrics over time.

Some of your feedback on certain negative agency practices was surprising and we certainly don’t subscribe to them at Clarion Resourcing.  However these  responses also highlighted areas that we as an industry can work on and improve to ensure the highest possible service levels. In order to underline our commitment to candidates we deal with and to act positively in terms of the feedback we have received from candidates, Clarion Resourcing has created a candidate charter to directly address many of the negatives that you have told us exist within the industry and to undertake that our candidates will not experience any of those negatives working with Clarion Resourcing. We’re making a commitment to offer the same level of service we would expect if we were on the job market personally.

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