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IT Employment Trends Research from Clarion ResourcingOur IT employment market survey was conducted online during October 2011 on a random sample of over 1,000 randomly-selected IT professionals from Clarion Resourcing’s permanent and contract career panel split roughly between 50:50% between contract and permanent candidates.  This research adds to our existing body of work into IT employment trends.

Our survey clearly shows that there is a hybrid model in terms of candidates engaging with the job market.  While the majority of respondents (two thirds) would prefer to deal with an agency when applying for a role, there is a balance to be struck for employers between directly sourced and agency source candidates.  A key driver for any organisation in terms of ensuring access to the best talent available on the market is the choice of agency partners that they engage with.

The overall perception of recruitment agencies varies and is not universally positive.  Some of the findings do not reflect well on the level of professionalism in the recruitment industry as a whole. We were very surprised to find that 40 per cent of respondents had their salary expectations misrepresented by an agency to an employer when they were submitted for a role. We also found that one third of candidates had direct personal experience of their profile being submitted to a company without their express approval. Other findings reinforced this level of negativity towards agencies, such as poor communication during the interview process – nearly one quarter of all respondents rated agency communications as either poor or very poor and a further 41 per cent only rated agency communication as satisfactory.  Communication with and keeping a candidate appraised of developments during the selection process is a fundamental part of the agency’s role and the percentage of respondents giving a  good or very good rating for overall communications was very low. This fed into a further response when candidates were asked to comment on the overall integrity and professionalism of agencies – three quarters rated this as satisfactory or below, again a very poor response rate for a sector where the service provider is helping the recipient identify new employment.

We have found very strong evidence that openness and communication are two areas where candidates feel continually let down by the agencies they deal with. This apparent disconnect between candidates and agencies was borne out by a significant number of candidates citing the failure of agencies or their staff to truly understand the candidate’s career aspirations of what they wanted from a new role. At Clarion Resourcing,  we endeavour to meet each candidate and interview them personally, get a deep understanding of their career to date, their aspirations and what they hope to achieve in any potential new role.

Respondents also displayed a very low level of awareness of the Agency Worker Directive, with only 12 per cent saying they fully understood the implications of the directive as it applied to them. The directive comes into force in early December.

Agency Partner

We’re aware that there is negative sentiment towards agencies in the market.  We are working hard to counteract that and ensure that each candidate engagement with Clarion Resourcing is a positive experience. We are offering candidates a higher level of service and we are aiming to build long-term relationships, which will last throughout a candidate’s career. We want to offer those candidates, who express a clear preference to use an agency, a trusted partner in their job search – one who is prepared to work with them and for them at each step in the process.

In order to underline our commitment to the candidates we deal with and to act positively in terms of the feedback we have received from candidates, Clarion Resourcing has formalised their candidate charter to directly address many of the negative issues raised, and to undertake that our candidates will not encounter these negative experiences working with Clarion Resourcing. We’re making a commitment to them to offer them the same level of service we would expect if we were on the job market personally.

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