IT Recruitment Trends – Routes to Market

Routes to Market

Clarion Resourcing canvassed a sample of 1,000 randomly-selected IT professionals from Clarion Resourcing’s permanent and contract database during the month on November, split equally between contract and permanent candidates.  Here’s what we discovered in terms of the latest IT recruitment trends.

Our survey highlighted some very interesting trends in terms of where and how candidates identify their next opportunity.  The growth of social media has been one of the biggest media phenomenon of recent years and candidates need to be aware of the importance of tools like LinkedIn and Twitter in addition to more traditional methods. Job boards continue to be a key tool for candidates identifying their next role with 21 per cent of you using those to seek out new opportunities. One very interesting finding was that 17 per cent of you still identified word of mouth or your own network as the most likely source of a new job. In practical terms, this reflects Clarion Resourcing’s recent market experience where candidates sourced via internal referral has been a consistently competitive feature of recruitment assignments in recent times.

Word of mouth and a personal recommendation still rate above social media which came in at 16 per cent for searches through tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The growth in social media has been explosive in recent years, however it is interesting to find  that  a candidate’s personal network and the vouching for a candidate  via the trusted referral of an employee is still valued above applications where no such imprimatur exists.[DBC1]

From a Clarion Resourcing perspective, we were happy to see that agencies were still ranked by you as the best source of identifying a new opportunity. The reasons that candidates wanted to go through the job search with an agency partner were varied.  Agencies still offer candidates greater reach through better market knowledge and penetration, client-specific knowledge and assistance with CV preparation and the interview process, as well as personal knowledge of individuals involved in the interview and hiring process and the ability to help candidates prepare in an optimal manner. Your survey responses support the fact that recruitment continues to be relationship-led; furthermore agencies continue to have a very significant role to play in facilitating the functioning of the market as holders of the key relationships with hiring clients and maximising an individual candidate’s exposure to the market when they engage in a job search.

Our survey also threw up some interesting findings in relation to candidates’ media response. Only 2 per cent of you found a position through a career fair, 1 per cent through responding to a radio ad or an advertisement placed on public transport. 5 per cent of you reported success through newspaper advertisements.  Given the cost to employers of using these media, there are some interesting statistics for our clients to consider in terms of where they target their marketing spend. While press advertising is still a very strong medium for the creation and development of brand awareness, the success rate in terms of attracting new candidates would seem to be very low, according to our research.

One other surprising finding was the lack of awareness of  the Agency Worker Directive, with only 12 per cent of you confirming that your understanding of the implications of the Directive as it applied to you. The directive came into force on 5th December last the legislation is scheduled to be published this week.  The full impact of the directive will be apparent at that stage.

[DBC1]This really just repeating the comment above again.  Will we take it out?

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