IT Recruitment Trends – General Market Perceptions

Clarion Resourcing canvassed a sample of 1,000 randomly-selected IT professionals from Clarion Resourcing’s permanent and contract database during the month on November, split equally between contract and permanent candidates. The survey yielded  some extremely  interesting perspectives on  how you view agencies in general and we’re happy to share those with you.  This body of work contributes to our overall research into IT recruitment trends.

General Market Trends

The responses on general market perceptions were somewhat contradictory. The vast majority of  you currently in continued employment, made a strong point that there is a continued expectation of similar service delivery levels with reduced headcount. Only 30 per cent of you expect your current employer to increase headcount over the next 12 months. This clearly implies that people will be working longer and harder in order to maintain current service levels. This would normally provide a genuine impetus for some people to seek new employment. However, despite this, many of you, as permanent candidates indicate a strong reluctance to seek new employment in the current environment for several reasons.  Indeed, while candidate perception of the market in general is positive that there are opportunities available, there is a marked aversion to moving role on the part  of permanent candidates. We would infer from this, that as any potential move to a new role would imply a return to probationary status, many of you view this as a risk that you are not prepared to take.

On the contract market, there is a perception of opportunity availability. However there is an awareness of an intense level of competition in the market for those roles . The reluctance on the part  of permanent candidates to move in the current market is creating opportunities for contract candidates as employers are either opting for a contract resource as the commitment is project-bound or employers find they are being forced to consider utilising contractors as they are not able to identify suitable permanent candidates and roles need to be fulfilled.

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