How effective are other recruitment channels?

While recruitment agencies and internet-based tools are used by candidates to find prospective employers, we also looked at the effectiveness of the more traditional media that candidates respond to.  It’s very clear from our survey that the role of more traditional media has diminished in importance.

Our results indicate that more people appear to be going to career fairs and expos but two thirds of respondees cited their effectiveness and either poor or very poor in terms of helping them to achieve their career goals.  So while these events may be very well attended, boasting thousands of attendees through the doors, many candidates question their effectiveness as a useful recruitment channel for them.

The rating for press advertising was similar with more than half of all respondents (56 per cent) citing its effectiveness as either poor or very poor.  This figure was as high as 86 per cent in the case of outdoor advertising.

Radio scored surprisingly low given that 85 per cent of adults in Ireland listen to radio at least once a day according to the latest JLNR figures.  81 per cent of respondees put radio in the poor or very poor bracket

The old reliable, word of mouth, continues to score well.  Almost one quarter or 23 per cent cited word of mouth as excellent in terms of effectiveness, while almost one third (31 per cent) cited it as very good.  Just over one fifth or 22 per cent cited word of mouth cited it as poor or very poor.  The effectiveness of word of mouth is directly related to how well someone is connected with their community.  For example, prospective employees from outside Ireland who are in the process of making a new life for themselves may find word of mouth less effective for them as they build new social and professional networks around them.

The statistics above provide useful inputs for HR and marketing professionals in terms of how they allocate resources towards candidate search.  It is clear that some new media represent cost effective ways to attract candidates to your organisation.  However, we believe these new media should come with a ‘health warning’ in that high candidate volumes can come with poor quality synergies between the role on offer and candidate suitability and experience.

Recruitment agencies continue to act as a very effective conduit between prospective employer and candidate and are clearly the preferred choice for candidates when seeking out new job opportunities.  Agencies also add real value to the recruitment process by negating the need by employers to perform initial screening.  By taking away this onerous task, employers can peruse  candidates who represent a very tight fit for the job specification as the first stage in the process.

Clarion Resourcing’s survey was conducted online during December 2012 through emails, a LinkedIn advertising campaign and a pop up survey to all visitors to the Clarion Resourcing website.  A total of 103 individuals responded to the questionnaire.  One third of respondents are currently in permanent positions, one third are in contract roles and just over one quarter or 26 per cent are between assignments.  84 per cent of respondents are from Ireland with 9 per cent from the United Kingdom.

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