Leadership is the key factor in delivering successful projects…

Great report from the UK  Major Projects Authority which audits/reviews major UK government projects and makes the findings public.   A key finding relates to people and the need to engage the right project people.  Tony Meggs, Interim CEO, Major Projects Authority highlights – “Leadership is the key factor in delivering successful projects,” / “Simply put, great project leaders deliver great projects.”  Further evidence (if any was needed) that when hiring project people it is not good enough to find the right individuals with the right hard (theory based) knowledge and experience.  It is also critical that they are the right people for the organisation and whether in a contract or permanent capacity that they have the necessary leadership skills to deliver projects, in what for most organisations is becoming an ever more complex, (people) distributed and collaborative environment.  Where old hierarchical (people) management structures no longer apply.

Read the report HERE.

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