Back to school, back to business, the GDPR deadline is approaching!

Back to school, back to business, the GDPR deadline is every business’s 2018 exam!


The summer holidays are well and truly over, traffic busier this morning, as schools all around the country, start the new academic year over the next few days.

When you look at your plans for your readiness for the GDPR deadline May 2018 how far have you progressed?


  • Are you at the stage you planned to be at heading into the last quarter of 2017 in relation to your readiness for the GDPR deadline of May 2018?
  • Have you nominated a member of staff to co-ordinate your GDPR project?
  • Do you need to get some external advice, on how to get started?
  • Do you understand your company’s obligations in relation to GDPR?
  • Are your staff informed?
  • Have you set up workshops for all staff to educate them regarding GDPR and the implications of violating the regulation?
  • Have you decided which department is going to be responsible for the GDPR project, will it be IT, Accounting & Finance, Legal?
  • Do you need an external Project Manager with regulatory and data protection knowledge to assist you your GDPR project?


As with all projects, planning and adhering to timelines are vital in ensuring the critical deadline is met i.e. May 2018, in Clarion, we as ‘capability consultants’ would be delighted to receive feedback on how you are progressing, the good stories and the not so good stories!!  And remember schools back, start studying!!


Imelda O Hanlon has a combined working history in the IT Services & IT Resourcing Industry of over 25 years.  At Clarion when we meet with companies, we aim to assist in identifying skills gaps that need to be quickly solved to ensure the safe delivery of in-house projects. 


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